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Project completion was marked by the Final Conference held in Genova, September 23rd, 2011, 10:00 – 14:00.

The main sections:
  • Presentation of project results
  • Roundtable with experts from the academic and industry world
  • Roundtable with representatives from other mobility and climate related projects
  • To see the program click here
  • Democritos final conference presentations

DEMOCRITOS Project's Team


      The project introduces the “Mobility Credits Model” as a transport specific platform that will enable travellers, mobility providers, technology providers and transport planners to understand the implications of climate policy and increasing prices for greenhouse gas emissions and to identify new opportunities in urban mobility first and in extra-urban mobility later.
      The concept of the “Mobility Credits” was originally developed by the Italian firms Evidenze and RightStrategy with the support of Fondazione Italiana Accenture (owner of the trademark “Crediti di Mobilità”TM ) and was further developed through the collaboration with the Municipality of Genova.
      The rationale of the Mobility Credits Model is based on setting as quantitative target the “sustainable load of GHG (Greenhouse Gases)” of the study area. Subsequently the GHG load is converted into a “total amount of mobility credits” distributed to all the travellers of the area. Based on their mobility behaviours, individuals “consume” their initial endowment of mobility credits. In addition, depending on their mobility habits, people could have needs higher or lower than the mobility budget assigned: as a reaction, exchange mechanisms develop in the system, regulated through a sort of bank where credits are bought by the individuals or returned with monetary benefit in case they have been unused.

    Concept and objectives

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